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Lamet Foundation

Lamet Foundation

The LAMET Foundation, founded in 1968 and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture, is a non-profit organization which aims to promote the scientific, legal and cultural study and research in all of the scope of the maritime transport sector by promoting activities that lead to a better understanding of the relationship between man and the sea.

Its founder and inspirer was Mr. Pedro Lamet Orozco, (Cadiz, 1905-1984), for whom the sea and maritime activity were both a professional activity and a personal passion. On occasion of the ceremony organized in his honour on June the 15th 1968, when the Grand Cross of Civil Merit was conferred to him, Mr. Lamet decided to dedicate the remainder of the funds raised for the establishment of a charitable and educational foundation with a maritime vocation.

Since its inception, the Foundation has developed a series of activities, among which are the successive editions of the COMISMAR AWARD as well as the support for research projects, editing literary works and granting scholarships.

Currently, the Board of Trustees, chaired by D. Miguel Angel Moreno Lamet, is made up by the following companies and Associations:


- SPANISH Ship owners Association (ANAVE)


- Spanish Maritime Law Association (AEDM)

Among the latest activities undertaken by the Foundation we can highlight the announcement in September of this year, of a new edition of the "Comismar Award" under the heading “Risk exposure of recreational craft " (see award rules) and the organization and subsequent publication of the conference "March 1812: a day in the Cadiz Cortes" offered by Professor D. Juan Torrejon Chaves on occasion of the celebrations of the bicentennial of the Constitution of Cadiz in 1812 last year.