Prevention and Control


Caring for that which counts

Within the COMISMAR Group COMISMAR CONTROL is assigned management, supervision and damage prevention activities. Through the Operations Department we are at the service of the needs of our clients in all that is related to the management of goods during transportation, handling or processes, fitting the specific and technical requirements which each operation or project needs with the network of professionals and specialists throughout the world.

Amongst our clients are insurance and reinsurance companies, mediators, financial, energy and logistics institutions, traders, manufacturers, shipping lines and consignees, importers and exporters, etc.

Why do our clients involve us in their projects?

  • Because our survey reports prove facts, times and circumstances.
  • Because we record, as an independent and objective body of the state, the condition and quantity of goods at a determined time and place.
  • Because we give advice to our clients in relation to measurements and precautions to be considered before commencing the operation or project.
  • Because our presence increases the efficiency and precaution of the human teams available during the loading, unloading, handling, storage or processing operations and therefore the security of the operation.
  • Because our services are of added value in our client’s own Quality System and in the implementation of their Custom Experience Management.
  • Because our control is a landmark in accurate consultation for the logistics chain in the exchange of responsibilities and risks to the goods.
  • Because our inspection is support and protection against potential commercial or recovery claims attempts from third parties.
  • Because survey reports are an instrument to preserve the claim rights and consolidate them once started.

"Always taking care of what matters to you"